The Kohima Cycles4Change is a campaign initiated by the Kohima Smart City Development Ltd. in response to the India Cycles4Change Challenge. 

The challenge aims to inspire Indian cities to implement quick cycling-friendly interventions in the wake of COVID-19 with the support of their citizens and assistance from experts.


The effect of topography on cycling rates is often overblown. Given the fact that we have bicycles engineered for mountainous terranes, climbing hills shouldn’t be a problem.As a matter of fact the mountainous terrane is perfectly suited for Mountain Biking Category of Cycling and KSCDL is exploring the possibilities to capitalise on it to promote adventure tourism which will have a big impact on the socio-economic conditions so the local people


KSCDL through its Strategic Action Plan follows the 3 broad principles to promote cycling in the city - “Aggressive Social Media Campaign, Community Engagement and Implementation of Pilot Interventions”KSCDL plans to implement various Pilot Interventions like Pop-up Cycle Lanes, Community led Bicycle Rental Programme, Community Bike Park and Designation of Local Trial Networks.

The Kohima Cycles4Change is a brand and vision that will live on for years to come because it was borne out of passion for cycling. It will continue to carry the torch to make Kohima the cycling capital of the country. Amsterdam did not become the cycling capital of the world in just a matter of 5, 6 years. It took them 3 decades to reach to where they are today. It is the lifestyle transformational change which we hope to see in the coming 20, 30 years.

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