Our Correspondent Kohima 1 August 29 Kohima Smart City Devel-opment Ltd in collabora-tion with Nagaland Moun-tain Biking Association and the Tribal Cult has conducted a free "Com-munity Bicycle Workshop" here today to propagate safe, smart and confident bicycling. The programme seeks to promote bicycle safety and equip old and new rid-ers alike with the resources of and skills they need to ride a bicycle safely and confi-dently,/with the ultimate goal of increasing bicycle ridership in Kohima.

31 year old learns to Ride

“Being an adventure seeking person and an avid lover of outdoor activities, I’ve always wanted to learn how to ride a bicycle ever since I came across one but I never really had the opportunity to do so until today because most of my life has been confined between schools and hostels, and our family did not have the means to buy one for me back then” says 31-year-old Angke Bosco who participated in the community bicycle workshop

31 year old learns in a few hours

How to maintain and clean a bike

Various tips and instructons were taught on how to properly clean and maintain a bike at the workshop as well. Head over to our youtube channel if you wanna watch the full workshop .

If you dont keep it clean it'll affect the gears and shifting 

How to Pedal(Like A Pro)

Instructing the participants on Pedal Techniques

and pedal the correct way.

Proper footing and pedal techniques

Proper Shifting and Braking Techniques

The participants were given a life demonstration on proper bike shifting and braking techniques.

Head over to our youtube channel to find the full workshop video.

You Need to press your foot downward along with the break

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